I am committed to excellence in teaching. Throughout my doctoral training, I have had numerous opportunities to teach, both independently and as a teaching assistant (TA), for MBA and Executive MBA courses. I am prepared to teach courses in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

I have maintained a 6.2/7 average rating in MBA Classes and a 4.21/5 average rating in Executive MBA teaching.

Teaching Experience

Innovation Driven Entrepreneurial Advantage (2011 - Present)

Teaching Assistant for Prof. Fiona Murray. Designed and led key segments of this EMBA Course.

This is a foundational course for the Sloan’s Executive MBA program. The course presents a comprehensive framework for innovation management which rests on both academic and real-world experience about the nature of innovation and its role in entrepreneurship. In addition, it provides tools to quickly experiment and evaluate new ideas under high uncertainty and with only limited information and resources.

Entrepreneur's Guide to Accelerators (IAP 2013)

Designed and led a three day course during IAP for 45 Students.

This course provided students interested in startup accelerators a framework to evaluate whether they should pursue accelerator admission. In addition, it provided a typology of accelerators and provided a framework for students to select the best accelerator for their goals.

Regional Entrepreneurial Advantage Laboratory (Fall 2014)

Teaching Assistant for Prof. Fiona Murray

This is a practical MIT course aimed at students who want a research-based but action-oriented understanding of how to accelerate innovation-driven entrepreneurship in the development of vibrant regional economies. It provides frameworks for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of innovation-driven entrepreneurship in particular regions, and then focuses on policy and programmatic interventions that can be designed and implemented to accelerate entrepreneurship across regional economies worldwide.

Entrepreneurial Strategy (Spring 2014)

Teaching Assistant for Prof. Scott Stern and Co-authored final case for the course.

This course provides an integrated strategy framework for entrepreneurs. The course is structured to provide a deep understanding of the core strategic challenges facing start-up innovators, and a synthetic framework for choosing and implementing entrepreneurial strategy in dynamic environments.

Competitive Strategy (Spring 2013)

Teaching Assistant for Profs. Scott Stern and Pierre Azoulay

Core strategy course for the Executive MBA program. Covered industry structure, entry and exit, firm-level and platform strategies.